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King Robert II Scotch whiskey

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I was passing by a 7-Eleven store a couple of days back and saw this brand of Scotch whiskey on sale. I have never heard of it admittedly but the research I did on it online shows that it is a pretty good Scotch whiskey. Maybe it is because that it is not marketed as much as a premium Scotch whiskey like Johnnie Walker so it commands a a much lower price. Must buy a bottle and try some one day.


Balanced phone plug for my wireless mic

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Just yesterday, while taking the lift down to the shops to buy a loaf of bread, my mind started thinking back to an issue I faced at a club I used to work at…a club where I brought my Yamaha NG82cx mixing board down on its last day of operations. I remember I faced an issue with the wireless mic getting distorted. I then kicked myself for not practicing what I preached. When I went back home, I immediately took the mixer out of the box to have a better look at it and what was available. I thought as much. There were no MIC / LINE switches for the channel. So all the time, I was shoving a hot LINE signal into a MIC input. Bloody idiotic I was. Well done Alan, you idiot. No wonder it was distorted. But hang on. On the Yamaha MG82cx, each MIC channel has a balanced 1/4″ phone socket that is labelled as a LINE input. So it looks like I have to hook up my AKG WMS 40 Mini via a balanced cable like above if I am going to use it with my Yamaha MG82cx mixer because the output from the receiver is a LINE-level balanced signal. Also my other microphone, the Line 6…that will need a female XLR to a 1/4″ balanced phone jack. Oh well…time to make some cables and that right soon.

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Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United

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We will be playing against Tottenham Hotspur at White Hart Lane in an hours time. The lads just took on Newcastle less than 48 hours ago. Let’s see how they will take this on.

********** EDITOR’s NOTE **********

Disappointed with how the match ended, especially the second half. The first half was electrifying and we would have been at least 4 – 0 up…yes. It was that close. But I must say…a scintillating display by both Ashley Young and Hugo Lloris. Final result is Tottenham Hotspur – 0 and Manchester United – 0. A point to both.

Kustom Profile Two

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I came upon this system while searching for some information about speakers over the Internet. Why you may ask. Well…something about it caught my eye, especially the double woofer setup in the speakers. From what I could glean from the Internet about this system, this is what I found out. The Profile Two 300W PA System is the big brother of the Profile System One, with increased power and more inputs. The Profile Two is built around a 5-channel powered mixer, which pumps out 300W, 150W per channel stereo. It comes with an 8-band master EQ which to me is rather unique. Each individual channel also has 2-band (bass & treble) EQ controls. The 5 mixer channels all have balanced XLR and 1/4″ combo inputs, with stereo inputs on channel 5. All channels feature monitor volume controls and stereo panning controls. An additional discrete AUX channel has stereo mic and line (1/8″) inputs. A 24-bit digital processor delivers 16 effects, including Double Take Vocal, which makes one vocalist sound like 2. An effects loop allows insertion of external effects units. Each speaker cab features 2 heavy-duty 8″ speakers, plus a neodymium compression driver with 1″ exit. The Line Array design gives your sound enhanced projection and performance that reaches deep into the audience.

Looks pretty interesting, I thought. I like the look of the speaker cabinets. Looks like they are made of plywood. I am not sure if they really are made of plywood but it would be a plus if they were. That is why I love the USA so much. They have so many sound-systems that you can get for a pretty good price, and this is one such example. It would make an ideal second system to my Stagepas 500

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The Sound Blaster Roar

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As a Singaporean, I feel very proud of Sound Blaster and its founder Mr Sim Wing Hoo. He has put Singapore on the map in more ways than one. Through the years, I have used his MP3 players, his computer soundcards and even his speakers. And speaking of speakers, I was at a friend’s house on Christmas Day and this is what was unveiled at his place, this awesome Sound Blaster Roar

To be honest, I have seen this device on sale at the computer fairs that are held every three months here in Singapore. But after hearing ut yesterday, I was floored. This bloody thing can REALLY kick ass. And when I say kick ass, I mean it!. According to Creative:

Never before has such powerful and well-balanced audio come from a small compact booklet-sized speaker. With the Sound Blaster Roar, we’ve achieved the impossible by taking an impressive bi-amplified 5-driver system (including a kickass subwoofer) and shrinking it into a size no larger than a dictionary. The result: a speaker that is smaller, lighter, more stable and more powerful than any other speaker of its class. You’ll have to hear it to believe it.

I hooked up my shitty Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 (why its shitty I will explain in another post) to this unit via Bluetooth. At first, I had some issues pairing with it because it could not be “seen” by my phone. It is only when my friend pushed a button on this device, allowing it to be seen and paired, I was able to get in and pair my phone. And after that, it was music all the way!

This device has 5 drivers powered by 2 amplifiers. It has a built-in subwoofer as well. No wonder this thing felt pretty heavy. Had I known there were 5 speakers…but I digress. This unit is further enhanced with proprietary ROAR, TeraBass & MegaStereo technologies. Trust me. I have seen some amazing things from Creative and they have a great R&D department. So if they say so, it probably is so. This unit hasm according to creative, AAC & aptX for high-quality audio, NFC, MP3 player, voice recorder, speakerphone, 6000 mAh Li-ion battery, battery bank, Bedtime listening mode, USB Sound Blaster, siren, and Link Security to configure Bluetooth for different usage scenarios. Egads.

If you go online, you can get it for a magical price of $199. Yep…that is $199 Singapore dollars. Pretty good for what I think is a killer system for a killer price. I might get one myself!

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Manchester United – 3 Newcastle – 1

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One helluva match, that is all I can say. Wayne Rooney scored a brace and the goal scored by Robin Van Persie was sublime. Loved that delivery from Rooney…pin-point accuracy. Newcastle scored via a penalty after Phil Jones did a stupid tackle. We could have avoided that. Oh well. That is soccer. Well, in less than 48 hours, we will be facing Tottenham Hotspur. Glory Glory!

JBL EON206P portable PA system

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To be honest, I just came upon this new offereing by JBL a couple of days back. I did a review, of sorts, on their EON 210p some time back and I thought that was all JBL had to offer as far as portable PA systems were concerned. Boy was I proven wrong. So. A new one. How will it stack up?

To be honest, I have not seen one for sale in Singapore…yet. But I have read some reviews and I will leave it at that. This should serve as an introduction of sorts. To be honest, it looks an awful lot like the Fender Passport series…i.e. the mixer sandwiched between two speakers and clipped in, resembling a suitcase.

The figure above more-or-less shows what is available in this mixer. The attached mixer has 6 inputs: 2 mono inputs comprised of a combination input connector, MIC/LINE selector, Treble and Bass controls, Reverb and channel volume controls. The 4 stereo inputs are where you can connect all of the microphones, musical instruments and external sound sources (like MP3 or CD players). The stereo inputs labeled “CH 3/4” offer the option of using RCA with a volume control. The input labeled “CH5/6” is a 3.5 mm stereo input. The “Monitor Out” enables sourcing to recording devices, additional powered speakers or mixers via RCA connectors. Two MIC channels. Hmmm. Flexibility just went out of the window here. So for general PA system use, this would be ideal but for miking up a band…ummm…that is pushing it a bit. Maybe for a small acoustic band, it should suffice.

The speakers are detacheable, of course, and come with 6.5″ woofers. Rather small in my opinion so DJs thinking of using this system alone for a mobile parties had better think about bringing down a couple of subwoofers and hooking them up to the mixer session. Wattage-wise, its able to deliver 80 watts a channel. To me, that is rather pitiful but seeing the size of the woofers, I suppose that is what its capable of handling. There is no reverb or delay so this is what it is…a bare-basics PA system. It is pretty light too…about 12 kilograms. To be honest, I am rather disappointed in it. I thought this was going to be an improvement, a bigger brother of the EON210p but I was clearly wrong.

So in my opinion, would I buy it? Well, that is a tough queston. It goes for an RRP of US$450 which makes it about $600 here in Singapore. I suppose, as I said, for general PA duties like roadshows, it may be able to handle them. But for me personally, I would like my systems to have more grunt so I will stick with something that can, like a Yamaha Stagepas 600i

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