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Laney CDPA-2 Portable PA

I was walking around Plaza Singapura a couple of days back. At the Yamaha shop there I chanced upon this portable PA package selling for about $400. Not too shabby, I thought to myself. The speaker complement looks a but like the Phonic Powerpod 410 package that I had posted about some time back. The CDPA-2 pack bundles a 2 x 80 watts stereo Laney CD200 Concept mixer with a pair of Dual purpose 10” + HF loaded 150W cabinets plus a mic and all the cables you need to get everything up and running. The power house of this pack is the CD200, which features 5 input channels each with XLR & Jack inputs, treble and bass EQ, FX send and individual Level controls. Onboard Digital delay and echo effects, a record out (RCA) plus an AUX in (RCA) with a dedicated level control and a master volume which sets the overall listening level. The pack also contains a pair of dynamic microphones each fitted with a cable and all the speaker cables required to get everything connected. Features-wise:


  • 1 x CD200 mixer head
  • 2 x Dual purpose 10″ (wedge/PA) 100w speakers
  • 2 x dynamic microphone with on/off switch and lead
  • 2 x 3m Professional speaker cables

That is a pretty good package if I do say so myself. For the price you get some good stuff but I would question the piezo horns. I had similar ones on my old Peavey 112H’s and I can tell you, they are a bitch to find should a horn blow. But for the price, and fr small gigs, this cannot be beat.


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