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Yamaha MGP16X mixer

I had the chance to use this a couple of days back while I was providing audio for an event. This was probided by the audio company but it is the second time that I have used it. The first time was in December last year but I did not write an article on it. To think about it, I should have. But enough of that. On to the mixer.

The new Yamaha MGP16X mixer replaces the old MG-series mixers that were very popular. You could find then in audio racks, permanent installs in auditoriums and lots more. This mixer has all of the features necessary to handle a wide variety of input requirements from XLR, 1/4″ phone jacks and er cetera. The built-in rack railing and included mounting kit make this mixer easy to rack-mount too. The mixer has discrete Class A microphone preamps and I must say that they sound pretty good and 48V phantom power is available too. This mixer has something the old MGX-series of mixers did not have – dual effects processors, a sweepable mid equalizer and posted high and low EQ knobs. The monitor mixing bus  is available too and works just fine. Other cool features include a ‘ducker,’ which lowers the volume of background music anytime a vocal channel is engaged. There is a tap button for timing your delay processor settings and a variable stereo imager to, although I had no use for it. There is a USB Digital I/O for iPod or iPhone and check this out – the I/O even charges the connected device! There are lots more features this mixer has and you can read it all here.

Suffice to say, I liked this mixer. Looks good and sounds good. Still have my older MG82cx and it’s still working fine. maybe in the future…

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