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JBL EON206P portable PA system

To be honest, I just came upon this new offereing by JBL a couple of days back. I did a review, of sorts, on their EON 210p some time back and I thought that was all JBL had to offer as far as portable PA systems were concerned. Boy was I proven wrong. So. A new one. How will it stack up?

To be honest, I have not seen one for sale in Singapore…yet. But I have read some reviews and I will leave it at that. This should serve as an introduction of sorts. To be honest, it looks an awful lot like the Fender Passport series…i.e. the mixer sandwiched between two speakers and clipped in, resembling a suitcase.

The figure above more-or-less shows what is available in this mixer. The attached mixer has 6 inputs: 2 mono inputs comprised of a combination input connector, MIC/LINE selector, Treble and Bass controls, Reverb and channel volume controls. The 4 stereo inputs are where you can connect all of the microphones, musical instruments and external sound sources (like MP3 or CD players). The stereo inputs labeled “CH 3/4” offer the option of using RCA with a volume control. The input labeled “CH5/6” is a 3.5 mm stereo input. The “Monitor Out” enables sourcing to recording devices, additional powered speakers or mixers via RCA connectors. Two MIC channels. Hmmm. Flexibility just went out of the window here. So for general PA system use, this would be ideal but for miking up a band…ummm…that is pushing it a bit. Maybe for a small acoustic band, it should suffice.

The speakers are detacheable, of course, and come with 6.5″ woofers. Rather small in my opinion so DJs thinking of using this system alone for a mobile parties had better think about bringing down a couple of subwoofers and hooking them up to the mixer session. Wattage-wise, its able to deliver 80 watts a channel. To me, that is rather pitiful but seeing the size of the woofers, I suppose that is what its capable of handling. There is no reverb or delay so this is what it is…a bare-basics PA system. It is pretty light too…about 12 kilograms. To be honest, I am rather disappointed in it. I thought this was going to be an improvement, a bigger brother of the EON210p but I was clearly wrong.

So in my opinion, would I buy it? Well, that is a tough queston. It goes for an RRP of US$450 which makes it about $600 here in Singapore. I suppose, as I said, for general PA duties like roadshows, it may be able to handle them. But for me personally, I would like my systems to have more grunt so I will stick with something that can, like a Yamaha Stagepas 600i

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