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Balanced phone plug for my wireless mic

Just yesterday, while taking the lift down to the shops to buy a loaf of bread, my mind started thinking back to an issue I faced at a club I used to work at…a club where I brought my Yamaha NG82cx mixing board down on its last day of operations. I remember I faced an issue with the wireless mic getting distorted. I then kicked myself for not practicing what I preached. When I went back home, I immediately took the mixer out of the box to have a better look at it and what was available. I thought as much. There were no MIC / LINE switches for the channel. So all the time, I was shoving a hot LINE signal into a MIC input. Bloody idiotic I was. Well done Alan, you idiot. No wonder it was distorted. But hang on. On the Yamaha MG82cx, each MIC channel has a balanced 1/4″ phone socket that is labelled as a LINE input. So it looks like I have to hook up my AKG WMS 40 Mini via a balanced cable like above if I am going to use it with my Yamaha MG82cx mixer because the output from the receiver is a LINE-level balanced signal. Also my other microphone, the Line 6…that will need a female XLR to a 1/4″ balanced phone jack. Oh well…time to make some cables and that right soon.

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