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Nokia 130

I saw this phone some time back and I started thinking to myself that even after Microsoft bought Nokia, they still felt that for emerging markets, basic mobile phones were needed. And that is where the Nokia 130 comes in.

Apparently, With the Nokia 130, you get up to 36 days of standby time and a a very durable phone to boot. And it also comes equipped with a flashlight on the back, Bluetooth to share songs and can take an SD card up to 32Gb in capacity. Maximum music playback time is 46 hours. Pretty good for a basic phone. It seems that it can also playback videos very well. I have yet to see that but I am looking more at the long music playback duration. Specifications-wise:

  • SIM card type: Mini SIM
  • AV connectors: 3.5 mm audio connector
  • Charging connectors: Micro-USB
  • System connectors: Micro-USB-B
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • Bluetooth3: Bluetooth 3.0
  • Bluetooth profiles: Object Push profile (OPP) 1.1

Not too bad. I like the fact that it now uses a micro USB to charge. I freaking hate the old Nokia charges of old. I will definitely be getting this as I saw it for sale in Singapore for less than $40. Great one Nokia!

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