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Harbinger HA120

There are times when I really wish that there were more options as far as portable public address system choices in Singapore, like it is in the USA. Like this one by Harbinger for instance, the HA120 pictured above. This 120-Watt  portable PA system features a four-channel mixer/amplifier with mic and instrument inputs on each channel, plus a pair of two-way speaker cabinets. Each channel has its own input, Low and High EQ, and effect send control. Master Section includes Master Volume, FX controls, and AUX Input for CD and MP3 Players. Its Recording Out feeds recorders, tape decks, computers, and more. The two-way speaker cabinets, each with a 12″ speaker and a high frequency horn, provide full-frequency audio. And I must say that it is pretty affordable too. I saw a shop’s online website selling this complete package for the Singapore dollar equivalent of $350. I also have read some horror stories about this portable PA system and I have said before that you do get what you pay for. But the price point, coupled to using it for simple gigs, make this a system that is hard to beat price vs performance-wise.

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