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Samson XP1000 portable PA system

This was released recently at NAMM 2015 and I must admit that I was intrigued by it. Now, before you all think that this is something revolutionary, you all need to know that this design was copied from Yamaha’s Stagepas line. But nevertheless, it does look interesting. What is it all about?

Well, for starters, the XP1000 is part of Samson’s Expedition Series of portable PA systems. I have done some write-ups in the part about their previous offerings. How about this one? Well, for starters, the XP1000 is Bluetooth-enabled, allowing you to wirelessly stream music from your smart phone, tablet or laptop. This is an interesting feature indeed. No more hunting for Bluetooth receivers for just this purpose. Even Yamaha does not have this feature. Some people may call it a gimmick.

The XP1000, like the Yamaha Stagepas Series, has a removable 10-channel mixer with a 1,000-watt (2 x 500) Class D amplifier which powers the speakers. Remember all, this is 1000 watts peak music power, not RMS. The mixer features four Mic/Line input channels, each with XLR and 1/4″ inputs for connecting microphones or active line level instruments. It also includes three stereo input channels for connecting external devices like MP3 players, keyboards and more. Each channel features Bass and Treble controls, and the first two Mic/Line channels have a selectable compressor to even out levels while preventing overload and distortion. The XP1000 even has a USB Wireless port. I do not know if it serves the same purpose as the USB port on the Stagepas 600i .

For precise control over your sound, the XP1000 provides 16 presets of DSP effects. For larger applications, the XP1000 provides stereo monitor outputs with level control to use the system with additional powered speakers. In addition, the mixer has a Phantom Power switch to enable the integration of condenser microphones into your PA setup. This is where the Samson system trumps over the Yamaha Stagepas series. The Stagepas has no selectable DSP.

Speakers-wise, the XP1000’s 2-way vented speakers look pretty good. Their drivers complement consist of 10″ low-frequency drivers and 1″ high frequency drivers attached to a horn which gives a dispersion pattern of 60 x 90 degrees. These ABS enclosures feature integrated 1 3/8″ speaker stand mounts, as well as a 30° kickback design for use as floor monitors.

Not bad eh? Something to thnk about!

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