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Motorcyclist with strange accessories

30/04/2015 Leave a comment

I was on the bust the other morning. It was a cool, rainy morning on my way to work. As the bust stopped at a junction…of sorts…I saw this cyclist stop alongside the bus. I looked out and immediately activated my camera phone. Check this out. I would explain but I have no words…

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Three-phase power distro

29/04/2015 Leave a comment

I have been looking around for a good three-phase power distro here in Singapore that can be rack-mounted. As usual, it is pretty hard to find here in Singapore or maybe I have not been looking hard enough. Anyway, this distro looks pretty good and you can see from the rack-mount ears that it can be mounted into my flightcase or indeed, any flightcase. I came across this on the Internet so I do not know what it looks like from the front. All I know is that some hotel ballrooms only have a three-phase power outlets and something like this is needed. Oh well…need to start looking harder

AC and XLR cable combo for active speakers

28/04/2015 Leave a comment

I saw this cable being sold on Musician’s Friend and I was asking myself…why do they not have something like this sold in Singapore? This is not the first time when I wished that I lived in the USA. So many things to get down there and much cheaper than getting it in boring and expensive Singapore. I tell you, if I had powered speakers, this would be the best thing to have. Imagine…just having one toll of cable per speaker, with AC and signal in one combo. But then again, some may say that AC cables and XLR cables are not supposed to run parallel to each other so I suppose that is why they do not sell it here. I don’t know…I am only making a wild guess as to why. I have seen some setups when powered speakers were used. The poor crew had to lay the power cable to each speaker first. After that, it was followed by the very long XLR cable from the mixer to the powered speaker. Don’t you agree that a cable like this will help to solve lots of headaches? I certainly think so!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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I am seriously thinking of getting this Samsung Galaxy Note 4. The only thing that is stopping me from getting this is the after-thought of the Note 4 and its size. Crikey. the thing is huge. I do not think it will fir in my jeans pocket. Another thing that is stopping me from buying it is that my el-cheapo Samsung Galaxy Ace  mobile phone is still OK…well…sorta. It gets kind of slow but other than that it is able to do what a smartphone was made to do…although a bit slowly because it has a very slow processor. Yep. Maybe later.

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Everton – 3, Manchester United – 0

26/04/2015 Leave a comment

We played very, very badly today at Goodison Park. Credit to Everton, they played like it was a cup final and they really gave it to us. Clearly the better team. Guys…got to pull up our socks if we are going to taste Champion’s League soccer next season!

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Parking enforcement cameras

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I was coming back from work the other day and as I was waiting to cross the road, I looked above and saw this parking enforcement camera above me. Those white rectangles are solar panels that charge the batteries to run these things. In any case, these cameras are taking over what parking wardens used to do i.e. enforcing the law and recording people parking indiscriminately on double-yellow lines. And these cameras are the real thing guys. I have heard stories of people being booked with the proof showing up very clearly. So do not mess with these cameras. They do work and you can get booked if they get a picture of you and your cr breaking some traffic rule or other.

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Strange gig at WonderBar

25/04/2015 Leave a comment

About a week ago, one of my friends had this gig at the Sultan Hotel. In case you all do not know, it’s a boutique hotel at Jalan Sultan. Well, anyway, he was supposed to do his gig in one of the bars in the hotel called the Wonderbar. But at the last minute, on the day of the gig, he gets a call from the powers-that-be of the hotel, telling him that the place is booked and that he has to play outside.

Well, to be honest, my friend was a bit taken aback. What will he do for a sound system? No worries said the hotel. They provided him with a Yamaha MG166cx mixer and check this out, a stereo 1/4″ jack plugs into the headphone out socket of that mixer and the other end goes to an amplifier powering a couple of those Bose garden speakers….you know, those green ones that look like bloody mushrooms, the Bose Free Space 51s. In any case, not a single fader was pushed up on the mixer that was allocated to him. My friend hooks up his controller to the mixer and the channel where the controller is hooked up on has its PFL button pressed. It’s the PFL output that sends a signal to the amp driving those Bose mushrooms. Pretty crappy sound I must say.

In any case, I come by, saw the situation and asked him: “What the hell?” The reason why I say so is because I am looking at throwing an event at WonderBar but if they screw me up like how they screwed up my friend, its gonna look and sound like shit. So I did the next thing. I asked a friend who had speakers if I could borrow his. He said that he does not have any. So what do I do? I go get the trusty Yamaha Stagepas 500. After I came back and hooked them up, my gosh…the sound. It sounded so much better than the sound of those Bose mushrooms. In any case, the party lasted about an hour till the hotel told us that the sound from the Stagepas 500 was waking up the guests of the hotel. So at 0100 hrs, my friend shut the party down

Looks like I have to find out what happened. This does not sound good for events at The Sultan Hotel. Looks like I have to have a chat with them about this. yet again, the Stagepas 500 proves itself

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