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Bose Free Space 51 outdoor speakers

Just the other day, one of my friends was having his event at a bar in Singapore and all he had to use were these outdoor speakers. I have come across them in many places, especially outdoors. After all, these are what these speakers were designed for…to handle the elements that our torrid weather can give. They actually sound decent if they are hooked up together. You can see in the image above, the Bose SA-3 amplifier that can power these speakers. But you do not have to use the optional Bose SA-3 amplifier module. They can take an amplifier rated between 10 to 100 watts. The speakers have enclosures that are made of environmentally resistant hardware. Don’t ask what that is…that is what I found on their manual that can be downloaded from their website. All in all, I think pretty good speakers for outdoor use.

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