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Pickled green chillies

A few days back, my wife and I were talking about the possibility of making our own pickled green chillies instead of buying it from the supermarket. The one we get from the Sheng Shiong supermarket near our place is made by a brand named Sing Long. Now I do not know what they put in it but since it is sold in the supermarkets, it is not fresh and has all those preservatives in it, to guarantee shelf life. So my wife made it herself, with instructions given by of all people, a provision shop owner!

My wife bought about 600 grams of green chillies and sliced them up. She then made a mixture of rice vinegar and some sugar and soaked the fresh-cut green chillies in it. A couple of hours into the mixture, I saw the chillies turning into a different shade of green. That means the vinegar was working on them. The picture above shows them just freshly sliced and put in the bowl of vinegar. Remember to use a glass bowl to soak the chillies in. A metal bowl or plastic bowl will not make it. I remember reading somewhere about how vinegar interacts with different materials and so far, glass is the best.

Well, we aim to try it tomorrow. Will give a heads-up on this. If it works, we will make a larger batch soon.

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