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AC and XLR cable combo for active speakers

I saw this cable being sold on Musician’s Friend and I was asking myself…why do they not have something like this sold in Singapore? This is not the first time when I wished that I lived in the USA. So many things to get down there and much cheaper than getting it in boring and expensive Singapore. I tell you, if I had powered speakers, this would be the best thing to have. Imagine…just having one toll of cable per speaker, with AC and signal in one combo. But then again, some may say that AC cables and XLR cables are not supposed to run parallel to each other so I suppose that is why they do not sell it here. I don’t know…I am only making a wild guess as to why. I have seen some setups when powered speakers were used. The poor crew had to lay the power cable to each speaker first. After that, it was followed by the very long XLR cable from the mixer to the powered speaker. Don’t you agree that a cable like this will help to solve lots of headaches? I certainly think so!

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