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SKN6700U hit-and-run

This video has been causing quite s stir in social media these past few days. It happened a couple of days back with this idiot driving an orange Volvo bearing the license plate SKN6700U hit a car along Middle Road in Singapore and sped away. You can see it in the video, taken from the victim’s dashboard cam. Then when the driver, Steves Kee, whose car was hit speeds up to confront him and take a picture, the idiot in the orange Volvo drives away when the light turns green, nearly hitting him. It did nor take long for the people to identify the man. Hey, if you are running an orange Volvo which sticks out like a bloody sore thumb, you will be identified sooner or later. This is the fella:

A Facebook site, named Beh Chia Lor, identified him and now, everyone knows he is the idiot who did it. Steves Kee even confirmed that this idiot was the guy


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