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SHARP boombox with built-in turntable

I was on the Internet, browsing for sound-systems and boomboxes of old. Hey, I am an audio freak after all! So in any case, I came upon this site and this boombox caught my eye. It was a boombox from the early 80s an it featured a turntable in it. Now hang on. I know that the electronic firms back in the day wanted to get any advantage they could over each other but honestly, a turntable? How is the tonearm in that thing going to track well? Also, if the volume is turned up too high, won’t there be feedback? I do not know about you but although such things like turntables in boomboxes are novelties, you will not catch me buying them…no sirree! Bt it is interesting to come across gems like these. I never even knew such a thing existed!

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  1. danny
    21/06/2015 at 21:51

    These work fine. I saw kids breakdancing in NYC to these in the late 70’s.

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