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Stoke – 6, Liverpool – 1

I am far from being a Liverpool fan. As a matter of fact, I hate Liverpool. I seem to remember some time back, when Manchester United was under the management of David Moyes, how the bloody Liverpool fans taunted us. When we lost 6 – 1 to Manchester City with one man down, we got taunted by the Liverpool fans. We had to endure what some Liverpool fans said, something to the tune of:

No matter how bad we played, we never lost by that scoreline

Well, all I can say is that karma is a bitch. Look what happened the day before yesterday. Look at the humiliation that Gerrard had to endure on his last match for Liverpool no less. Credit to Gerrard, he tried to and pulled back one for Liverpool. And if the Liverpool fans were full of hope that this would be another Istanbul, they were proven wrong. Two goals were scored by an ex-Manchester United player and two were scored by ex-Liverpool players. What a way to go lads…what a way to go.

So after all the dust settled, all that was left was some big questions asked. Parody memes started surfacing and the one I liked best was the one above. Good luck Brendan Rodgers

You’ll Never Walk Alone they said. Gerrard was left walking alone, a forlorn figure. What a way to end a career!

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