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DJ’ing on Micro Seiki DDX 1000 turntables

I saw this video on YouTube and I must say that it is one helluva inspiration. That is the way I started out…not on these beautiful Micro Seiki turntables but on hi-fi turntables no less. Check out the mixing…smooth. And that Tascam mixer. There used to be one just like that installed in the church near my home back in the day.

But anyway, back to these Micro Seiki turntables. These direct-drive beauties had a platter that I simply could not tear my eyes away from. Many back in the day used to make fun of us, stating that only Technics SL-1200s were the turntables for DJs. I proved them wrong. Hi-fi turntables can be good if not, just as good as the Technics. They did not have the torgue of the Technics but they could work the business.

I got this picture from VinylEngine.com which shows the exploded view of these Micro Seiki beauties. Check out the size of the motor. Its huge! There is a separate controller that controls the pitch. That is why when you see the guy above in the video, he is fiddling with a box with a knob on it. That is the pitch control. It does not have the slider like the Technics SL-1200 MKII but it works.

Call me quirky but if I ever see these Micro Seiki turntables being sold online and for the right price, I would snap them up

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