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Black & White Scotch Whiskey

You would be surprised at what some of these convenience stores sell as far as whiskey, spirits and liquor are concerned. They sell some premium brands that are not really well-known as your Johnnie Walkers and Macallans. Take this for instance…Black & White whiskey. Now, I am no whiskey expert as I do not drink it that much. To me, whiskey is whiskey but I can tell the difference between a good whiskey and a single malt. I have yet to try this but I bet that it will taste better than Johnnie Walker Red Label or even Ballantines. Both of those gave me a sore throat and both went down my throat with a lot of resistance. In short, rough.

In any case, most of the people who buy these bottles of whiskey at convenience stalls are foreign workers who like to have a drink or two with their friends. I have seen them sitting in circles in some places, with a bottle of this whiskey with some mixers like 7-Up or Coke. The other group of people who buy these whiskeys are those who have come out of pubs and want more alcohol in their system before they go back home. These bottles of whiskey are inexpensive, and serve these two type of people just fine.

Maybe I should buy a bottle to see what it tastes like. But I think I may have to wait. I still have some bottles of whiskey here at home that I have not touched yet!

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