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The big 28th SEA Games farce in Singapore. What a joke.

This was a screen capture from the Singapore SEA Games Facebook page. Honestly, the organisers of these games really make me laugh because to me, they are a big bloody joke. Do you want to know why? Look below:

Do you see what this is? Yes, you are right. This is a certificate of achievement to show that we Singapore DJs broke the Guinness World Record for the longest DJ relay ever so far. Out of those 133 DJs that put Singapore on the map for her 49th birthday, a present to Singapore for breaking the record, you mean to tell me that not even ONE of them, in your eyes, was qualified enough to play the closing set for the SEA Games? Instead you had to bring in a Dutch DJ? You mean to tell us Singapore DJs are not good enough? What is the matter with you people?

Many of us put the blame on Creative Director Beatrice Chia-Richmond. I am starting to wonder if she is Singaporean or not.

So all I can say is, thank you fellas. Thank you very, very much. So much for your faith , or in this case, lack of it, in Singapore DJs. You fellas are one sad, sad bunch of individuals.

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