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BMB power amplifier

Everytime I see a karaoke setup and if there is a power amplifier like this installed, I know the owner is in good hands. The reason I think so is this. In 1994, I was contracted to install a karaoke room in a hotel in Batam Indonesia. In any case, the electrician that set up the place did not set it up properly wiring-wise and the whole place caught fire. Luckily the place was installed with water sprinklers and the next morning, we were told about the fire. We rushed to the hotel to check the damage. All the audio equipment was ruined…or so we thought. While clearing away the equipment, I saw that this amplifier was charred on the outside and the knobs and power switches were melted. I replaced the knobs, opened the unit and dried the components and cleaned it out and would you believe it, it fired up perfectly!

There are some who are thinking…yeah…maybe this amplifier did not bear the brunt of the fire but let me assure you, it did. Its feet were melted, so were the knobs. And the front panel was charred. Also, water from the extinguishers ended up in the unit. But after some TLC, it worked. Good on you BMB!

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