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Defects in Centrale 8 – a DBSS project

Before I get into the article proper, let me explain what DBSS or Design, Build and Sell Scheme is all about. According to Wikipedia:

Design, Build and Sell Scheme (abbreviation: DBSS) was introduced by the Housing and Development Board in 2005. Flats built under the scheme are meant for public housing and developed by private developers. They are built with supposedly better designs and in sites such as Tampines, Ang Mo Kio and Bishan.

Unfortunately, the better designs did not seem to come with better materials. Check out this picture above, that came courtesy of The Straits Times. According to the article, risk consultant (oh the irony of it all) Michelle Lim, who paid $750,000 for her five-room flat, said a water pipe in her bathroom burst last December, causing water to seep into her bedroom flooring and wall. She added that part of the affected flooring was replaced but the wall was merely repainted.

These units were not cheap. The developer, Sim Lian Group (there are many jokes made about this group’s name in many an online forum) priced these units between $389,000 to $778,000. Imagine paying a premium for these units and now having to endure all this. And the temerity of it all? It seems a spokes man from the group said, according to the aricle:

Unit owners must understand that each flat unit is not perfect… Sim Lian Group will ensure that all defects rectified in accordance to the (agreement) will meet reasonable industry standards.
Well done fellas…well done. To those who bought it, good luck trying to sell it.
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