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Samsung Galaxy Ace 3

This phone has a strange story. I bought it for my wife in December 2013 but she was not used to it. Who can blame her…she is so used to her Apple iPhone that using a Galaxy was quite confusing. So this got relegated to a backup phone until I replaced my Motorola Defy with this one. Don’t get me wrong. I still love my Motorola Defy but it reached a stage where Android 2.1 was causing me issues, the chief of them being no support for 2FA or 2-Factor Authentication. So I clipped my SIM card to a micro SIM and inserted in this phone

Now this is an inexpensive phone from Samsung and one of the cheapest of them all. The major con I see with this phone is its laggy operation and the lack of storage. Every now and again, a warning popup appears, telling me that I am low on storage, despite the fact that I have a 16Gb micro-SD card installed in the phone and all photos from my camera automatically get stored on the card when they are taken. That is the major bugbear and that is only 4Gb of phone memory. The Android operating system uses quite a bit of it, almost half. And whatever that is left gets used up pretty quick

And while we are on the subject of storage, be careful with your WhatsApp images. They take up a sizeable chunk of your phone memory. Always copy them to your external storage when you can. I get lots of funny images from my friends sometimes and they just take up lots of space on my phone – space that I need for more important things. So every now and again, a cleanup is needed.

But one thing I like about this phone is the battery lasts for some time, and is quick to charge. The battery is not huge but it is enough to see me through the day. Plus, I have an external battery charger that I carry with me and that helps to charge up the phone when the battery gets flat. Oh. And while on that subject. Your battery will start to get flat at 20% and when you reach 15%, the phone dies. So charge it when you get to 30%. That is my advice.

Other than that, basic phone. Do not expect great things from it. You do get what you pay for. Camera is pretty good too. I will use it till it breaks and then maybe will get a better phone.

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  1. 10/01/2016 at 17:43

    yeah WhatsApp images must be got attention, i agree with you,

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