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Cornell electric jug kettle

I bought this Cornell CJK-E172SS jug kettle about a week ago, well, slightly a week ago. Apparently, my old Tefal jug kettle was giving an issue with the connectivity between the base unit and the kettle, and was giving my wife the fits. Apparently, when we want to boil water, we fill the jug, put it on the base station, and turn on th power. But the problem with it is that because of the poor contact between the base unit and the kettle, I had to twist the jug on its base before it started up proper. Sometimes in the midst of boiling water, it sputters and goes out again as power is lost because of this connection.

In any case, my wife told me that she had had just about enough of the old kettle.

So went down to a supermarket after church and looked at a whole myriad of jug kettles nefore settling on this Cornell one. For one, it is relatively inexpensive, costing only about $30. Also, it came with all aluminium inrernals unlike the other one which was plastic. The wife tried it just now and was all excited about how quite it is. The only “quiet” I was rejoicing in was the lackj of complaints from my wife about the old jug kettle!

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