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The LG C299 quad-SIM mobile phone

Just when I was thinking to myself the other day, asking myself if there were mobile phones on the market that could take up to 4 SIM cards. The reason I ask this is because of what happened during a trip to Malaysia just the other week. I had to take my two phones, plus another phone that had my Malaysia number from Digi. That was a total of three phones on my person the other day, adding considerable bulk to my pockets. I know that there is a saying and that is one should never put all their eggs in the same basket but sometimes, it may be for the better. If I had all my SIM cards in this LG C299 mobile phone, it will be great. Only one phone for all my phone calls. It is good as a basic phone because the phone has QWERT keypad just below a 2.2 inch display with a dedicated Facebook button as well. LG C299 might not suit camera lovers as it comes with only a 0.3 mega pixel camera and 950 mAh battery will last only for one day usage before you have to charge it again.

You know what that means. You need to carry a battery bank with you at all times!

The only issue that I have with this phone is that it does NOT come with 3G or 4G support and also, there is no GPS support. This is a shame because very soon, 2G networks will cease to be, at least in April 2017 for Singapore.

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