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NEXO NXAMP4X1 power amplifier

I have been planning to get a pair of new NEXO PS15-R2s but I was deciding whether or not to get this amp. The beautiful thing about this amp is that it has the power amplifier and controller all in one package. But this thing ain;t cheap. Some list prices I saw online price it at close to $5000! But then again, it is a darn sight cheaper than the Lab Gruppens whose equivalent to this amplifier would cost twice as much

On Yamaha’s web site (NEXO is a Yamaha subsidiary) for its commercial audio systems, I found some information about this amplifier, in fact, the whole NXAMP line. This is the smaller brother  of the bigger NXAMP4X4. This is how Yamaha describes it:

NXAMP is the complete integration of newly-developed high capability DSP processor and state-of-the-art power amplifier technology. NXAMP has higher DSP capability than NX242 and is compatible with all NEXO speakers. NXAMP monitors power voltage and currency of amplifier outputs, drives the whole system safely and maximizes speaker capability. NXAMP also adopts “EEEngine”, a high-efficiency amplifier method by Yamaha, and produces Class AB sound quality with high efficiency comparable to Class D amplifiers. Furthermore, NXAMP boasts overwhelming stability and high reliability implementing an independent power supply unit for each channel (4 channels total).

Quite a mouthful eh? But looking at the NXAMP4X1, it is able to put out 1300 watts @ 2 ohms, 900 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 600 watts per channel into 8 ohms. There are 4 channels as mentioned previously so that is pretty hefty. But this thing is pretty light…only about 16 kilograms.

So if I want to get a pair of PS15-R2s, it is gonna cost me about $3000 per speaker, making it $6000, plus one NXAMP4X1, bringing it to $11,000 just for the sound system. Egads. That is some serious cash but then again, as it is said, you only let your wallet cry once and after that, all should be OK. So decisions have to be made…..


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