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JBL EON15P-1 powered speakers and their internals

About a month or so ago, after my wife and I had finished attending Mass, I saw an event happening in an open field near the church. I saw that the event company had used a few of these powered JBL EON-series speakers for their event. What got to me was the fact that they were using about 8 of them, all on tripods, for their event. Hold on, I told myself…the event area is not that big. Why use 8 speakers? In any case, I went back home and when I did, I did some reasearch on these speakers.

I found out that the power to these speakers was pretty low for a powered speaker, according to this specification sheet from JBL. 130 watts low frequency and 50 watts hi-frequency (bi-amplified) is what I found out that they could handle. And they weigh about 21 kgs. Not only that, the 15″ woofer with Differential Drive (whatever that is) only has a 2″ voicecoil. But then again, looking at the low wattage the internal amplifier puts out, I suppose that that is all it deserves. In any case, while searching for more info on this, I reached this website for a company in the UK named A & J Audio Repair Shop and got a shock when I saw the interior of the speakers.


Look at this. It was a total shocker. I have seen unknown brands from China with better designed speakers but coming from an established player like JBL, I was really disappointed. First of all, check out where the toroidal transformer is located. Also, check out the amp which is part of that circuit board. These pics from A & J Audio’s site…can you believe it? This is the standard coming from JBL! Now I know why these speakers are shunned. You can see so many of them on Craigslist and the like.

So in a nutshell, this post goes to warn others who are looking at this model. Read this, read A & J Audio’s website and you make the decision. I already made mine!

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