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The Creative Sound Blaster Play! 2

A few days back, at an event, one of the DJs was using this as an external soundcard on his Macbook Pro. What happened was that he was using the headphone out as a monitor and using this Sound Blaster Play 2 as the primary sound source as he was playing with VirtualDJ 7. It looked interesting so I had a check on what it was and from their website, this what I found out:

The Sound Blaster Play! 2 is a USB sound card gives users a true-to-life 3D audio soundstage, and noiseless recordings for podcasts and video conferencing. Compatible with all analog headsets and earbuds, the Sound Blaster Play! 2 delivers powerful audio via SBX Pro Studio technology, full audio settings customization via Sound Blaster Play! 2 Control Panel, and optimized profiles for select earphone brands.

Apparently, on the online shop. this little marvel only costs about $29. That is not too bad for a tiny little soundcard and I am sure that it is heaps better than some of those POS sound cards that I bought back in the day. In any case, my friend used it on his Mac and the sound was fuller than what his Mac’s soundcard could have provided. So if you ask if I liked it? I will have to say I did

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