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BreadTalk and the soyabean saga

This was making the rounds of the Internet yesterday after it was disclosed by The Redwire Times that BreadTalk was selling re-packaged soyabean milk. And not only that. The bottles sold by BreadTalk had this label on it saying that the milk was “freshly prepared” when in fact, it is Yeo Hiap Seng aka Yeo’s soyabean milk, which is anything but “freshly prepared”. Now that the shit has hit the fan, BreadTalk posted this announcement on their Facebook page:

But you all wanna know something? Some people have posted the fact that nowhere on its bottles does it have any indication that the “OEM” was Yeo’s, despite what BreadTalk said. From what I can see, this is not good and many have said that they will be boycotting BreadTalk. I know I will be boycotting it and that is for sure. For instance, how do we know for sure that their bread was baked by them, and not by some “OEM”?

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