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Hohrizontal 51 shelf speakers

I saw this on the internet the other day, about a couple of weeks back and I did not know that it was old news from 2012 or thereabouts. All I know is that this concept is so straightforward and simple. I wonder why anyone did not think of this before? In any case, I came across this webpage Hometone.com and I happened to see this Hohrizontal 51 featured there. It is made in Germany by a company named Finite Elemente. This is from Hometone’s page:

This is by far the most elegant way to enjoy music, images and videos from your iPod or iPhone. Finite Elemente’s new Hohrizontal 51 sound board is an impressive iPod dock in the shape of a wall shelf. You can also connect the Hohrizontal 51 to the TV, PC or any other MP3 player. Offering stereo sound at its best, the amazing iPod dock comes with a remote control for easy usage. This wall shelf with integrated iPod/iPhone dock also has an integrated sound system. Available in a range of colors, the Hohrizontal 51 sound board will not only enhance your music experience, but will also add to the decor of your living space.

I may be interested in getting one for my home. I do not know how much is costs but I do not have an iPhone or iPod but I dare say that this is a good sound-system that is pretty tiny and hidden. I have reached the age where I do not think I need monstrous speakers in my house anymore so these will be ideal

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