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ROLLS DB24 Stereo Direct Interface

Just the other day, a month back, I came across this very nice looking DI box for sale in a forum. The seller was asking $70 for it. It looks pretty good, what with the connections that this box is able to take, anywhere from a 1/8″ stereo mini phone jack to a pair of RCA inputs. I must say that I am stoked to see a DI box with the works, even with a set of attenuators, just like the SM Pro DJDI one I bought two years ago. This is what ROLLS says on its website about this wonderful-looking product:

Introducing the new DB24 Stereo Direct Interface. This unit is a two channel isolation device designed to connect high impedance devices to low impedance. The unit is completely passive, and utilizes Rolls proprietary audio transformers for superior sound. A heavy-duty steel chassis was chosen to provide maximum reliability when used in demanding live sound reinforcement applications. A variety of inputs are provided including stereo and mono 1/4″, stereo RCA, and stereo 1/8″ (3.5mm). The DB24 is an ideal impedance matching device for connecting any unbalanced stereo signal to a balanced system. Consumer audio equipment such as CD players, DVD players, MP3 players, etc., may be easily connected to a professional audio system.

Looks pretty good. If it was not for the fact that I already have a great stereo DI box in the SM Pro, I would snap this up.

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