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Martinelli’s Apple Juice

About 20 years back, maybe more, I used to travel a lot. One of the places I loved travelling to for business was New York…The Big Apple it was called…and still is. In any case, I always believe, till now, that a good breakfast can be the make or break of any day. That is why I always used to go across the street from the hotel where I was and get a good American breakfast and my beverage of choice: Martinelli’s apple juice. Now I miss that and I loved that apple juice. Call me what you will but till today, I have yet to drink any apple juice that is as nice as that. It also came in round, cute bottles too, as can be seen in the picture. I once was able to buy a crate of four bottles from an American supermarket, Jason’s, in Raffles City. Now that I think of this, looks like I gotta check it out and buy some more. Drinking apple juice in The Big Apple. Why-ever not?

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