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Sometimes, people just need to FUCK OFF!

30/09/2015 Leave a comment

I came across this yesterday and at first, i found it funny. I just could not stop laughing. Then something happened…yesterday again. One of my close friends left a group WhatsApp chat, just like that, after typing a long message. We knew that she had issues with her health and it looked like the illness reared its ugly head again. So I think she wanted to channel all her energy trying to get better instead of managing the WhatsApp chat that she was an admin of. I still feel what I felt yesterday…a tinge of sadness. That is why I feel that this message should be an apt message to anyone who is asking me how I feel. I am not in the mood.

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Beware of some “made in China” XLR plugs

29/09/2015 1 comment

I made the horrible mistake of buying these black China-made XLR plugs. Yes. I know the saying…you get what you pay for. Honestly, I had good fortune with some other China XLRs but these…stay away from them. What is wrong with them? Well, first of all, the lock holes do not catch. One of them came loose during an event I had. Also, when soldering them, the pins got hot and melted the surrounding plastic. I promptly got rid of them and bought some Neutrik ones…at double the cost. So remember, when making interconnects…stay away from these made-in-China black ones!

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The Catholic morning offering

28/09/2015 1 comment

Just yesterday, I was wondering about the morning offering that my secondary school director (mission schools have directors instead of principals) used to start every morning assembly with the morning offering. Now, I was trying to remember it so that I could say it in the mornings when I wake up. I found that I could recall some words for it…but not all. So I did a Google Search with those words and I came to a site that was put up by the Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, which is a Roman Catholic Church in the Diocese of Jefferson City. This website has a sub-page of prayers, one of which contains the morning offering that Brother Director used to make us recite in the mornings. The morning offering is written here but I will modify it a bit to reflect what was said back in te day, to the best of my memory:

O my Jesus, through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I offer you my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day. As a reparation for my sins, the salvation of souls and all the intentions of your most Sacred Heart

I wrote in this blog so that I may refer to it in the future when I need it. Now I need to say it every morning. This will serve to remind me

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Small canvas bag as a toolbag

27/09/2015 1 comment

Sometimes, when the job calls for it, be it an install or a repair job, I always bring my basic toolkit along. That toolkit is just like what it is…basic. It contains my screwdrivers, side-cutters, pliers and etc. That is in a small pouch of its own. But sometimes, I may need to bring along other stuff like my soldering iron and my multimeter. When that happens, I just stuff all of that in my duffel bag, along with my tool kit. But what happens when I require my crimper?

So I decided to get a small canvas bag to house all of this stuff, much like the canvas bag that I wrote about before to use all my stuff should I do a gig. Now all my tools go into the small canvas bag and next time I have to do a job, I just grab the whole tool bag and off I go. Makes it a lot better because I have the tendency to forget to bring certain tools but now with this, it’s all automatic. And it frees up space in by backpack!

The view of Sentosa from HarbourFront

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I took this picture of Sentosa Island from a carpark in Harbourfront, known in the old days as The World Trade Centre. I had forgotten about it to be honest but as I was going through the phone of mine, I chanced upon it. I have always liked going to Sentosa, even as a young kid. There is or rather was something magical about the island. It is all different now…too commercialised and some say fake. I do not know. All I know is as a kid, I would come over to the World Trade Centre and catch a boat over to Sentosa. That was before the bridge, when Sentosa was an island all by itself. You could get away from it all. So all I can do now is look at this photo, close my eyes, and try to remember what it was like in the past.

Krusher safety shoes

25/09/2015 1 comment

For a long time, the people to go to when you wanted safety shoes was Kings. They were available everywhere back in the day and even I got myself a pair 26 years ago. They lasted for years until the rubber disintegrated, leaving black stains everywhere. Just last year, I got myself a pair of these Krushers. Ad the reason I got them? I called up Kings and they did not have any shoes that fit my big feet. This is one of the things I hate about Singapore. They just do not have sizes that fit me, be it shoes, pants and shirts. But in any case, I got one of these Krusher Florida safety shoes, like the one in the picture above and so far, I am liking them. They are comfortable and they have saved my feet many a time. So now, there are two on my recommended list…Krushers and Kings. Double K?

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The haze is in the unhealthy range of 300

24/09/2015 1 comment

I gt this online from a popular source that many Singaporeans are flocking to check the daily PSI (Pollutants Standard Index) readings and as of this evening, the PSI index stands at 300. I wonder. These bloody corrupted Indonesian companies burning their forests and land, so they really care? Then we have idiots like the Indonesian vice-president with his stupid remarks. Today is also Hari Raya Haji and the Muslims are suffering. They cannot even pray in their mosques because some of them suffer from asphyxiation issues thanks to this thick haze. Bloody corrupted assholes. Spare a thought for others first before you think of your bloody businesses…can? Bastards.

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