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DJ Nu-Mark Broken Needle USB Needle 1GB Flash Drive

This was released by DJ Nu-Mark many years ago…about three years ago. But the funny thing is, I only got to know about this a couple of days back. If there was a thumbdrive that shouts to the world who you are, this is it. According to this site Fatbeats.com:

In keeping with the growing trend of albums being released in limited edition on USB drives, DJ Nu-Mark and Hot Plate Records now bring you this special USB release of his studio debut, Broken Sunlight. Shaped like a record needle, this instant collector’s item contains the content of Broken Sunlight’s audio, including the studio tracks, as well as bonus a capellas, clean versions, instrumentals, and bonus beats, as well as unreleased studio & tour photos, featuring Bumpy Knuckles, Large Professor, Charles Bradley, and Tiron. Also included with the release is a download link to Nu-Conduit, a 60 min. behind the scenes look of the life of Uncle Nu, and the making of Broken Sunlight, performances across the globe and the critically acclaimed Toy Set.

So in effect, it is a whole album released in thumb drive format, much like The Beatles did with their Remastered Albums on an apple-shaped thumb drive. But I must say that this thumbdrive is great and will make a great gift

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