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Manchester United – 3 vs Liverpool – 1


We played against our fiercest rivals Liverpool at Old Trafford. It is our first game of this season against our bitter rivals. The thing that caught my eye was in the Liverpool camp, new signing Milner was captain. I do not know why Rodgers made him captain over older players. I bet there must be some resentment against that but then again, Brendan Rodgers is a football genius.

But more of that later. It started with a very boring first half. Rooney was out after an injury he picked up in training. So the lone striker was Fellaini, with Memphis Depay assisting. The second half was more exciting because Ashley Young replaced Depay, and was giving the defenders fits. But the cream came later. After a free kick, Mata kicked the ball to Dalley Blind and it was 1-0! Wow! I was beside myself with glee!

A little later on, Herrera was tackled in the box and the referee immediately pointed at the spot. Herrera converted it nicely and Mignolet did not stand a chance. 2 – 0!

But Liverpool was not to be outdone. A little later on, Benteke scored with a fantastic acrobatic kick. Hey, he may be a Liverpool player but I give credit where it is due. His acrobatic strike was mesmerising. So here we go. The score was 2 – 1. Now we were wondering…what to do.

Then Van Gaal did it, Mata was replaced by Anthony Martial. This kid, this teenager, was signed for $55 million dollars. Too expensive some said. Over-rated others said. But hold on. This kid came from the same province in France as Thierry Henry. From afar he looks like Henry. But will he or can he play like Henry?

Those people who laughed at us about Anthony Martial soon ate their words. Martial was passed the ball by Young and did a twisting and turning run in the Liverpool defence and score a lone goal, a goal that bore so much resemblance to many lovely ones that Thierry Henry scored in the past for Arsenal. There was a whoop of joy from me. 3-1!

And that is how it ended. I think they took Martial for granted. But let me tell you all this. If he keeps up his form and core many more like that. he is going to be a legend

Final score… 3-1. Glory Glory Manchester United!

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