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SANWA YX360TRF multi-tester

I bought this multi-meter yesterday to replace the old one that my dad gave me ages ago. I felt a bit sad that the one that my dad bought me had died. I can still remember my dad coming up to my room with the multi-meter and telling me that both of us could use it when needed. Just the other day, I needed to use the multimeter for my work but unfortunately, the one my dad gave me was dead. Just like that. So, I bought this one to replace it.

I have always known about Sanwa and their famous multimeters. There are many other makers of multimeters in th world but I am used to Sanwa and their multimeters…because I have been using them for years. There are also some imitations on the market. Yes…imitations are found almost anywhere these days, sadly. So what I did was to buy this directly from the distributors here in Singapore. This Made-In-Japan multimeter only cost me $45!

■Drop shock proof meter
■ Null (zero center) meter ±5 / ±25 in DCV
■ High resistance up to 200MΩ with low voltage
■ Protective body cover
■ Capacitance, dB, Li measurement

These are the basic features of this multimeter. What I personally do not like about it is that the testing leads are fixed permanently to the unit, and there is a recess to keep them in. There is also a lid to cover it and it has been touted as being very durable. Well, I am not about to shock-proof test the thing so I will take its claim for granted!

You can find the page here. But I think I got a good deal in this multimeter. $45 is not a lot to spend to save your life and this multimeter can certainly do that. But I feel sad that dad’s multimeter is now dead and I will have to throw it away. Thanks once again dad. I bet you would have loved this new multimeter I bought…

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