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Shortchanged at 4Fingers Singapore

I went to 4Fingers to have dinner with my wife some time back…almost a couple of months back and I left feeling less than impressed with the food. My wife was gushing about it saying things like: “It has been highly recommended by all my friends” or “This restaurant is very famous!”

Famous or not, this restaurant is bordering on infamy. Check out the picture above. This was not taken by me but by someone who I know. He said he felt shortchanged, and with good reason. This excerpt was posted on his Facebook wall, the same place where I got this picture from:

Opened up but I haven’t tucked in. Feeling shortchanged. Advertised as 6pc but it’s actually 3 wings. $9.95 for 3 wings, half a packet full of fries and a soft drink. Definitely shortchanged. Now I know why the missing finger.

Well done you lot. This is what you get for patronising these overpriced fast-food outlets. I am definitely not going there again. And check this out. Found this on their page:

Gotta wonder who these people are: Suredj Autar, Chiquita Narain, Jord Figee, Akbar Kutty, Abhijit Sen and Anita Pereira. Maybe they might know what happened.

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