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Vaddio PreVIEW Dual 6.4 LCD SD Rack Mount Monitor

A couple of weeks back, I had to go to a client’s place to fix this interesting, dual-screen, rack-mounted beauty. There was some issues with the power supply but that was easily fixed with a spare power supply. I have always thought that something like this will be very useful as a preview screen for maybe…karaoke, if you are running a mobile karaoke system.. Imagine…just bolt it into your flightcase and you are ready to rock and roll. In any case, I went o their website and this is what I found out about this model…at least its specs:

  • Active matrix 960 x 234 LCD screens
  • Two inputs with active looping outputs on BNCs
  • Colour, contrast, brightness and On/Off controls per LCD
  • 3-RU Rack enclosure with tilt mechanism

The screen on the right has the RGB BNC  inputs and I can tell you that the signal was very, very clear. The screen on the left just has VGA. The ON/OFF switch is on the bezel on the screen and you can choose from inputs to this. This is what the website says it is:

The Vaddio™ PreVIEW Dual 6.4 features two 6.4-inch (16.26cm) high-resolution active matrix LCD SD monitors for exceptional video clarity and color handling.

The PreVIEW Dual 6.4 comes equipped with two 960 x 234 resolution LCDs for previewing details and has brightness, contrast and color controls for fine-tuning the video display. Each of the LCD panels on the Dual 6.4 have their own input and amplified loop-thru on BNC connectors for ease of configuring video systems. Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and steel, the enclosure is both tough and attractive and can be a tilted ± 25° for setting up optimum viewing angles when installed in standard racks

I like it Its small, it is unobtrusive, and it will suit me fine, or karaoke. But I think something like this could be very expensive. But then again, its quality…and it will last a long time

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