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Krusher safety shoes

For a long time, the people to go to when you wanted safety shoes was Kings. They were available everywhere back in the day and even I got myself a pair 26 years ago. They lasted for years until the rubber disintegrated, leaving black stains everywhere. Just last year, I got myself a pair of these Krushers. Ad the reason I got them? I called up Kings and they did not have any shoes that fit my big feet. This is one of the things I hate about Singapore. They just do not have sizes that fit me, be it shoes, pants and shirts. But in any case, I got one of these Krusher Florida safety shoes, like the one in the picture above and so far, I am liking them. They are comfortable and they have saved my feet many a time. So now, there are two on my recommended list…Krushers and Kings. Double K?

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