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Small canvas bag as a toolbag

Sometimes, when the job calls for it, be it an install or a repair job, I always bring my basic toolkit along. That toolkit is just like what it is…basic. It contains my screwdrivers, side-cutters, pliers and etc. That is in a small pouch of its own. But sometimes, I may need to bring along other stuff like my soldering iron and my multimeter. When that happens, I just stuff all of that in my duffel bag, along with my tool kit. But what happens when I require my crimper?

So I decided to get a small canvas bag to house all of this stuff, much like the canvas bag that I wrote about before to use all my stuff should I do a gig. Now all my tools go into the small canvas bag and next time I have to do a job, I just grab the whole tool bag and off I go. Makes it a lot better because I have the tendency to forget to bring certain tools but now with this, it’s all automatic. And it frees up space in by backpack!

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