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SM Pro DJDI DI box in action at an event

31/10/2015 Leave a comment

I snapped a picture of my DJ setup at an event recently and in the bottom right corner, you can see my SM Pro DJDI DI box that was converting unbalanced, high impedance-d signals from my DJ controller and sending it to the house mixer. I utilized two channels of the house mixer for my controller but I can say that the signal was loud, clear and most importantly, not distorted. All DJs should have a DI box like this in their arsenal because it just works and people will not suffer from listener fatigue.

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Push button on the other side type of pedestrian crossing

30/10/2015 Leave a comment

I was at Alexandra Road some times back, I guess about a week back when I came across this crossing sign, pasted on a lamp-post, where the “push for the green man” crossing button is…for want of a better description. In any case, I saw that there was no button but instead, this sign was pasted where one would normally find the button. Well dog my cats fellas. How are we going to cross the road if there are no people on the other side that are available to push the button for you? Are the crossing lights automated? If they are, then what is with the crossing buttons in the first place? Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to why there are only buttons on one end of the road?

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What a Twitter post Colnago

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People were up in arms with Colnago’s Twitter post a couple of days back. Colnago were taken to task for posting a picture of a lycra-clad cyclist bending over her bike alongside the message, ‘ready for your weekend ride?’ Naturally, people…well…most of them anyway just groaned and said it was sexist. Colnago was forced to apologise but I must say, sexist or not, sexual innuendos laid aside, I say its a pretty clever advertisement. No…O would say its a pretty fun advertisement. Not that I am sexist or anything but come on….its just an ad! Lighten up will you lot?

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SunTour XC-II BMX pedals

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There was a time, if you were a BMX racer worth your salt, that you would be sporting a pair of these SunTour XC-II pedals. I personally liked them but I was afraid to put them on my bike because I did not race all the time. I prefered the stronger Shimano DX platform pedals because they were tougher and long-lasting. The problem with these pedals is not that they were not long-lasting. On the contrary, they were burly with strong spindles. The thing that put me off was the cage. Not only would they leave long tell-tale scars on your shins of they ever grabbed you there, but if the age bent after a heavy bail, replacements were hard to come by and not to mention expensive. And, I might add, these were somewhat pricey back in the day. The Shimano DX pedals were available in all over, were inexpensive, and did the job. But to be honest, I would love a pair of these SunTour XC-IIs now

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The whisky dispenser

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Have you seen some of those too-good-to-be-true pictures on the net that will make you go…”Naaahhh!” Well, we see them all the time when friends post them, especially in WhatsApp posts and o Facebook. But when I saw this, it made me think…why not? The only issue I can see is that people will have different perceptions of this machine. Is it for the home? Is it for a bar? It is one of those so-called contraptions that looks good when exhibited maybe during a trade show or an exhibition but will look totally out-of-place anywhere. maybe in a town or state like Kentucky in the USA that makes bourbon whisky or maybe even in Scotland. It would be a good fixture in a bar but even then, I do not see this happening. But nice to see no doubt. All you drinkers, wishful thinking will get one somewhere! LOL!

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Sign outside a spa

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One of my friends took this photo and posted it on her Facebook page. I could not stop laughing when I saw it. Absolutely fabulous anyone?? LOL!

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Manchester United vs Manchester City

25/10/2015 Leave a comment

It is time for another Manchester Derby at 2200 hrs tonight. Manchester City seem to be firing on all cylinders but can we make them humbled at Old Trafford? Sergio Aguero will not be playing and neither will David Silva but we cannot take that for granted. It seems that Vincent Kompany will be taken out of mothballs to keep the defence. De Bruyne will be a potent force, going by what I have seen on TV and online. His goals are just sublime. let us see tonight. Glory Glory Manchester United!