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Xiaomi MI Pad

About two months ago, my lovely wife gave this MI Pad to me for an anniversary present. It was not used for a month because the MI Pad was bought in China and since I cannot read Chinese, I was waiting for a chance to put Google Play on it so that I could install applications on it. Unfortunately, I had to wait some time for that because since this MI Pad did not come with Google Play (China and Google are not exactly the best of friends) I had to wait for my brother-in-law to install it. Trust me, he is the expert in things like these.

In any case, I managed to get it up and running after my brother-in-law installed Google Play on it. I do not know what he dd or how he did it, but he did. Now I could run my applications on it after downloading them from the Google Playstore and heaps more. I kinda like this MI Pad, It is pretty powerful, fast and I must say that it is built pretty well. The display size is 7.9 inches, has Corning glass and just zooms around. I think I like it better than the iPad!

So if you can, get one. Pretty god and I am telling you, its worth the money.

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