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Philips OTT2000 micro sound system

There have been a lot of these all-in-ones surfacing recently and this Philips OTT2000 is one of them. This one is pretty impressive. It can play back sources using Bluetooth connectivity, you can play back from a USB drive. It has a built-in tuner so you can turn to your favourite radio stations. It also has a CD player and a turntable….all played though built-in speakers. And therein lies the reason why I do not care for it. First of all, the plastic tone-arm. Any tone-arm made of plastic sends warning bells ringing. And the built-in speakers. This is gonna set the rumble stats of this player, when it is playing vinyl, through the roof

If you ask me, If you want to get a good vinyl player, get a good set of speakers, an amplifier with a built-in PHONO RIAA preamp stage, and a turntable. Those Audio-Technica ones which are direct-drive only go for slightly more than $400 at Mustafa in Singapore. Then at last, you will have a good sound-system to enjoy your vinyl.

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