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The City Harvest Church trial and the aftermath

I got this picture from Channelnewsasia.com and it gives a summary of the punishment meted out to the main six people who are accused of CBT. That is criminal breach of trust for you. In a trial that lasted about 140 days, one of the longest in Singapore’s history, Kong Hee and company were in court to hear their verdict yesterday morning. The six leaders of the church – founder and senior pastor Kong Hee; deputy senior pastor Tan Ye Peng; former church board member and Chairman of CHC’s Investment Committee John Lam Leng Hung; former church board and CHC Investment Committee member Chew Eng Han; and former finance managers Sharon Tan and Serina Wee – were each convicted on between three and 10 counts of criminal breach of trust and falsifying church accounts. All have been released on bail of between S$750,000 and S$1 million, though overseas travel is not permitted.

Here is a reminder to all of you…you will reap what you sow. I feel sad for all the people who are members of their church.


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