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Martin Roland UHF900 wireless microphones and receiver

About a week ago, in fact, a few days ago, I was at a client’s place to set up their room for a conference. What I had to do was to adjust their microphones, check them and make sure that all was OK. That is when I came across these Martin Roland UHF900 wireless microphones. Very little is known about them admittedly but I was very pleased with their sound and I dare say that these microphones look pretty affordable, for UHF units. I went to their website for the specifications of these and this is what I found out about them. There are 32 channels available for selection, which is the cool thing about them. They run on the UHF frequency of UHF 610 ~ 810 MHZ. Now, I do not know for sure if those are frequencies that will be phased out soon but it is worth a checking out. There is a balanced 3-pin XLR output, along with an unbalanced 1/4″ phone jack output. I do not know if you can use both at the same time but I am pretty sure you can.

After the test, I realised two things. The receiver can handle two of these microphones that came with it. They utilise 2 AA batteries and give about 4 hours of use. That is pretty draining on the batteries so make sure that you have heaps of them. Also, the receiver, as in the picture above, have two knobs so that you can control the input of each of the transmitters. The output from the receiver is summed up to a single XLR, as I pointed out previously. There is no individual XLR outputs so you have to do the necessary input controls from the receiver. So therein lies the problem if you have two users, each with different tonal requirements when they speak…you cannot control them individually as the inputs are summed up. But I bet that it is a really inexpensive option to get, not for events and such but for home use…maybe for karaoke. But for no-frills shows like roadshows and the like, these might be pretty good.

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