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SunTour XC-II BMX pedals

There was a time, if you were a BMX racer worth your salt, that you would be sporting a pair of these SunTour XC-II pedals. I personally liked them but I was afraid to put them on my bike because I did not race all the time. I prefered the stronger Shimano DX platform pedals because they were tougher and long-lasting. The problem with these pedals is not that they were not long-lasting. On the contrary, they were burly with strong spindles. The thing that put me off was the cage. Not only would they leave long tell-tale scars on your shins of they ever grabbed you there, but if the age bent after a heavy bail, replacements were hard to come by and not to mention expensive. And, I might add, these were somewhat pricey back in the day. The Shimano DX pedals were available in all over, were inexpensive, and did the job. But to be honest, I would love a pair of these SunTour XC-IIs now

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