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USB to serial port adapter

In the days of old, computers (desktops as well as laptops) came with serial ports for connections of peripherals like modems. In 1996 or 1997, when USB started getting popular, usage of serial ports started t wane until it came a time when you bought a new computer, it did not come with serial ports. But some older equipment still come with serial ports for control functions, like projector processors and the like. Some projectors even come with serial ports behind them. So how does one get around them? Simple. Get a USB to serial adapter like the picture above

Some of these adapters are pretty queer. Some come with the default drivers in Windows, in my case, Windows 7. Some will leave you hanging, like the one I have now and which I tried to install a couple of days back. It said that it could not find the drivers and I, I misplaced the driver disc ages ago. Looks like I gotta go on a hunt for it if I am going to use it because my job scope now states that I have to use the adapter a lot to interface with the equipment I fix

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