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Quantum Fireball 1.2Gb hard drive

We will have to go back at least 20 years here. I remember that during the time when 32mb of RAM on your computer was great, and that 540Mb hard drives were the norm then. A whopping (by those standards at that time anyway) 1.2Gb seemed like heaven. That is what I bought to prep up the storage on my PC back then. Cost me about $340 from a shop in Sim Lim Square then. I remember saying that 1.2Gb of hard drive space would be perfect for me…and it was, for the time. I had space to store all my backups and stuff, Then Quantum was swallowed up by Seagate and there went a brand that I loved very much. I mean…1.2Gb. You can more in a thumb drive no but when I think back, at those halcyon days, it always makes me smile

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