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Electro-Voice DC-One 2-in/6-out sound system processor

In the course of my work, and also in the course of my event life, I have come across these processors powering the speakers, especially Electro-Voice speakers that I use. I have been a fan of speaker processors for some time so it comes as no surprise that these are some of the processors that I like, apart from the Xilica that I wrote about some time back. I saw these DC-One processors controlling two pairs of ELX-115p powered speakers and from what I heard, they did a damn good job. This processor cannot be compared to the Xilica though. This processor has only 24 kHz sampling rates, versus the Xilica which has up to 96 kHz. Also it has only two inputs. But it has six outputs and all the presets for Electro-Voice speakers…of course. Some features of this processor are:

  • DC-One Editor software control via USB port
  • Analog or AES/EBU Inputs
  • Switchable -6 dB pre-A/D converter pad
  • 24-bit AD/DA conversion
  • 32-bit floating point internal processing
  • 111 dB dynamic range
  • Six predefined operation configurations
  • Contact closure interface for remote preset recall
  • 60 factory presets, 20 user presets
  • Unique edit/compare mode for audible parameter adjustment
  • Highly-customizable security settings

So it does the job…and very well in fact. I was quite happy with the sound. So if you run Electro-Voice speakers, it will be worthwhile for you to get these.


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