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National Gallery Singapore closes art exhibit by young artists

So after a lot of pomp and splendour, the Singapore National Gallery opens but leaves an ugly taste in the mouth for some young artists, one of them reduced to tears. According to the Straits Times:

When Renndom Met Airany: A Visual Duologue by Renn and Aira Lim, about the siblings growing up together and inspiring each other, had to be taken down due to a “fatal error” on Gallery & Co’s part, the cafe said in a statement on Facebook on Sunday afternoon.

Gallery & Co is a cafe in the National Gallery that exhibited the exhibits but apparently, the National Gallery did not agree with them exhibiting art.

I agree with the kids father, Pann Lim when he wrote in his Facebook post:

This morning I was talked down like a fourth class citizen by one of the directors of the gallery because I am a nobody to him. But I chose to stay composed because I am way pass this phase in my life to be confrontational because raising your voice does not make you right. This week has taught us a lot. Maybe a little too much for you 2 kids, at this tender age to be emotionally crushed by giants, but that’s how ugly the world is sometimes. Kids, always remember people at the top have the birds eye view but at most times they will never understand how people move on the ground. And the higher they fly the harder they will fall one day.

Honestly National Gallery, you could have been a bit more discreet and magnanimous. What a way to be remembered for your opening. I can safely say that I for one will not bother going there or giving you any business. You fellas leave a bad taste in the mouth

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