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Intel 335 series 80Gb SSD

About a few months ago, a client of mine needed an SSD hard drive replaced in his VC system. That SSD hard drive was not very big…only about 80Gb in size. After I had replaced the hard drive, I asked him what he wanted to do with it. He said that he had no further use of it. So I took it home and promptly replaced the hard drive that my workplace had given me with this one. I reformatted my hard drive and all I can say is…WOAH!

This SSD hard drive is not new by any standards. It came out in 2012, a good 4 years ago. SSDs have improved since then, in technology and pricing. But the speed boost that it gave to my 5-year-old work laptop was just fantastic. It just zips along and is totally fantastic. I plan to get a bigger one soon but so far, I have used up about 70% of this hard drive. Or maybe I will just hope that I have another SSD hard drive that my client needs replacing!

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