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ARX Blue DI direct-inject box

To be honest, I kinda like ARX products. I have not used much of their products here in Singapore but I sure did when I was studying in Australia. I came across this Blue DI (all or rather, most of their stuff is blue, hence the name, also a pun on the Bluetooth tech which is incorporated inside) some time back and I was wondering to myself…what is the use for something like this, a product that someone is selling online for US$290? I fail to see any kind of ROI in that when you can get professional DI interface boxes for less than that. Yes…its a Bluetooth and DI box rolled into one but do you see yourself splashing out all that cash for one? I know I won’t. But it is a novel idea, granted, and it is indeed made very well, like most ARX equipment but frankly, nah.

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